Hennebel Avocats mainly works on cases we are entrusted with by other law firms wishing to guarantee for their clients an expertise of excellence on the international dimension of certain cases or on the management of a strategy or procedure. In addition, the Cabinet is entrusted with complex cases and problems from high-ranking international political figures; business leaders, executives and industrialists; companies operating internationally; political dissidents and others persecuted in their countries of origin; or individuals who, in France, Europe or elsewhere, wish to take international steps to assert their rights or denounce human rights violations they have suffered.
The lawyer (by prescription / by delegation)

When called upon to manage cases as a generalist or specialist, lawyers rarely have the time to invest themselves and manage the international dimension of the cases they handle, which very often require special and increasingly specialised know-how.

Calling on Hennebel Avocats allows these lawyers to rely on a specialized firm, to rationalize their time and energy, to reinforce their strategy and authority with their clients and in their files, while keeping control over the file and preserving the relationship with their client.

By way of example, among the strategic actions that can be entrusted to Hennebel Avocats are: Challenging an Interpol Red Notice or an international arrest warrant; Referring a case to the European Court of Human Rights or another international human rights body such as the Human Rights Committee, the Committee against Torture or any other treaty body; Filing a complaint with a United Nations Special Rapporteur to denounce a particular situation.

We intervene in your clients’ cases to deal with all transnational or international aspects, using tools and instruments of international law, human rights, or transnational procedures in your cases of business law, criminal law, asylum law, freedom of the press, or transnational criminal law.

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