Hennebel Avocats mainly works on cases we are entrusted with by other law firms wishing to guarantee for their clients an expertise of excellence on the international dimension of certain cases or on the management of a strategy or procedure. In addition, the Cabinet is entrusted with complex cases and problems from high-ranking international political figures; business leaders, executives and industrialists; companies operating internationally; political dissidents and others persecuted in their countries of origin; or individuals who, in France, Europe or elsewhere, wish to take international steps to assert their rights or denounce human rights violations they have suffered.
Humanitarian actors and development and human rights NGOs

The humanitarian sector is complex to understand and requires cutting-edge expertise to fully master the particular environment in which it operates: that of emergency, instability and often conflict. Actors specialising in the field of human rights, humanitarian law or sustainable development operate in these areas and are exposed to legal risks that are accentuated by the instability of the target areas. It is true that most players have set up safety and security units to prevent and manage the risks associated with their activities, and have adhered to standards, set up training and various preventive tools.

However, alongside the control of these risks from an operational point of view, the spectrum of legal risks – both civil and criminal – for humanitarian actors must not be neglected. On the one hand, NGOs and humanitarian actors are increasingly exposed to legal risks related to the management of their activities (including in relation to issues of alleged corruption, abuse of corporate assets, negligence, including in relations with their field staff). On the other hand, we are witnessing a global era of criminalisation of humanitarian action. Hennebel Avocats offers advice to humanitarian actors, whether NGOs or individual actors acting in the humanitarian field, in order to prevent legal risks related to the implementation of their international missions. With a perfect knowledge of humanitarian affairs, the Firm has a unique know-how in this field, combining a pragmatic consideration of the realities on the ground with a sharp expertise likely to rely on several sets of standards in an international environment involving international law, national laws, humanitarian law and international human rights law.

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