Hennebel Avocats is an international niche law firm, specialising in the international and transnational dimension of the handling of cases, in their advisory or litigation phases. We have excellent expertise in procedures and situations involving the protection of rights, freedoms and interests, with international organisations or in the context of transnational procedures.
Transnational crimes and the internationalization of criminal law

In the era of globalisation, lawyers are increasingly confronted in the context of the cases they handle with international and transnational aspects, particularly at the procedural level. However, the mere presence of a foreign element is likely to have important legal, or even strategic, effects for the defence of the client’s interests. It is therefore necessary to be able to grasp these extraneous elements, to anticipate them and even to use them for tactical and strategic purposes. Criminal law cases offer a particularly rich empirical laboratory in this context. Indeed, even though criminal law is traditionally considered to be fundamentally territorial, it is nevertheless becoming one of the legal branches most confronted with the internationalisation of law.

The management of criminal law cases involving transnational crimes (e.g. drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, corruption, terrorist acts, financial and economic crime, organised crime, environmental crime) requires a perfect mastery of the transnational and international dimensions of these cases. Hennebel Avocats offers you the solutions you need, in particular: to anticipate the legal and strategic consequences of the transnational nature of these crimes for the defence of the interests and rights of the clients concerned; to develop a strategy to defend the interests of the client from the very first elements of the investigation, for example in the context of an international letter rogatory; to use the appropriate tools to challenge an international arrest warrant and an Interpol « red notice » procedure; or to be able to counter a request for extradition for trial and to negotiate diplomatic guarantees in the event that extradition is unavoidable.

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